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Pretty Petites, Needle Felting, Watering Can with Vicky Witterschein

The ANG New Jersey Needle Artists had the second 2-hour class on Zoom Wednesday night. Vicky Witterschein had us needle felting first because the rest of the stitching went on top of the felt except for the small bee.

I added a third strip of felt along the bottom to see if I could create depth which doesn’t appear to have added much.

We were given a big piece of foam to protect our fingers because it just gets stabbed into place with the needle which has barbs on it to catch the fiber. I didn’t get jabbed once even when I didn’t use the foam because I didn’t put my fingers below the canvas where I was jabbing! Perhaps if the canvas hadn’t been on bars and I was holding the canvas instead of the bars, the foam would be practical.

I love learning a new technique although I don’t think it’ll be anything I have to do again. But, it certainly is not anything I would avoid!

Using clear beading thread, the bee has a large x to hold him in place along with a straight stitch below the head. Everyone was done with the project at the end of the second class which was great!

Pretty Petites, Watering Can with Vicky Witterschein

The ANG New Jersey Needle Artists is having Vicky Witterschein teach this needle felting project on Zoom in 2 parts. We had our 2-hour class on Wednesday and got through what Vicky is calling the groundwork.

It’s a very cute, small design at just 2.5″ x 3.5″ and since the main intention is to teach needle felting, it makes sense to start small.

Despite the small design, it requires alot of stuff including 8″ x 9″ bars, instructions, threads (partial skeins placed on cards), beading thread, a charm, Merino wool for felting, 4 different needles, and a piece of foam. Vicky provided a well organized complete kit.

Our next class is in a month. So, I picked out a lovely “Linda” bag to store it all in until then. Doesn’t it coordinate well with the design! Looking forward to next month’s felting lesson with Vicky.