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Pineapple Heart
January 11, 2014, 10:09 pm
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While in Arizona, I visited 3 needlepoint stores! At BeStitched Needlepoint, I picked up a pretty pineapple design & Belle Soie, a silk floss, that I have not tried before. The design is a Liz Goodrick from Susan Roberts Needlepoint Designs.

I thought it was interesting that the store only had painted canvases. No books or charted instructions. And, no Watercolours and a half-dozen Waterlillies. Plenty of other threads such as Vineyard, Planet Earth, etc.

They sewed the fabric border on the edges before I left the store, gave me suggestions on how to stitch it, and packaged it up so pretty that I have to share that picture too! When I unwrapped it (which just happened today because we shipped some souvenirs home & I have been swamped at work), I notified that the black and white fabric border (which may be called bias tape? Even though not tape material?) matches their bag! Of course, I realize these touches come at a cost (no ANG 10%).

Pineapple Heart