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9-step Value Scale, threads used
February 4, 2010, 11:34 pm
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9-step Value Scale Threads:

9 – Black (DMC floss #310): Vineyard Silk S538*, Trio T12, Petite Very Velvet, V601, Fuzzy Stuff FZ02, DMC Floche 310

8 – Gray (DMC floss 3799): Trio T40*, Petite Very Velvet, V616

7 – Gray (DMC floss 413): Trio T207*, Trio T208, Fuzzy Stuff FZ19*, Splendor S1118*

6 – Gray (DMC floss 317): Trio T57*, Trio T103*, Flair 610*, Silk & Ivory 57*, Splendor S889

5 – Gray (DMC floss 414): Vineyard Silk C106*, Planet Earth Dusk*, Fuzzy Stuff FZ01*

4 – Gray (DMC floss 318): Vineyard Silk S536*, Flair 593*, Impressions 1072*, DMC Floche 318*, Splendor S891

3 – Gray (DMC floss 415): Trio T58*, Impressions 1046*, Vineyard Silk S535*, Fuzzy Stuff FZ36*, Snow 09* Silver*, DMC Floche 415*

2 – Gray (DMC floss 762): Trio T113, Vineyard Silk S539*, DMC Floche 762*

1 – White (DMC floss blanc): Trio T02, Fuzzy Stuff FZ15, DMC Floche blanc*, DMC Perle #8 blanc

*Indicates thread was used in some part of the pictured needlework.

Some threads I placed in a particular value could be debated (but I had to place them somewhere).

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