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February 5, 2010, 11:50 pm
Filed under: Snowflakes

In honor of this snowfall, I’m posting ‘Snowflakes’, a piece designed by Marjorie Gosz. It was a kit from Spinnerin Yarn Co., Inc.  I completed it years ago and gave it to a dear a friend, Dottie, who lives in the Poconos now. Ironically, we’ll get more snowflakes here in Philly than she’ll get! It’s really coming down.

I am pleased to find that I had saved the directions that came with the kit. If I ever reorganize, I probably wouldn’t be able to find anything in my piles.  I wonder what else I saved? And, as much fun as it is going through all this, it’s a better snowbound weekend to stay inside, keeping warm, being safe, and stitching!

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Beautiful Pic! Wanna switch places…we didn’t get any snow only about 2 1/2 inches of soggy, cold rain :0)

Comment by Kristen

I am not sure what thread you used for the trees but you couldn’t have selected a more perfect one! Kudos.

Comment by Nancy McElroy

[…] Lots of wonderful stuff was in the Christmas room! John, stitched a Santa’s face that was absolutely amazing because of the very small count fabric and the shading that make it look like a photograph (212). The beautiful Christmas stockings on the mantle seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year. And, Joan made 3 standing Saints, each about 18″ tall on pedestals with 4 inch deep to give them stability (418, 419, 420). And, Laura’s train with the engine, five or six boxcars each lined with inside slots for candy canes, and the caboose was amazing (456). I can’t imagine how much that cost to get done by a finisher. But, a highlight for me personally was the piece Bill spotted first done by Pam which is the same piece that I gave to Dottie with the white trees and snowflakes (372) (! […]

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