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Early embroidery, ‘Daisy’
February 24, 2010, 1:28 pm
Filed under: Early Embroidery

This piece of embroidery was probably done when I was in my early teens. I recall this was a stamped canvas from a kit now discarded & so, I don’t know the designer. I remember painstakingly covering the stamped lines so that none would show. And,  I remember wanting the threads to be smooth. But, I must have used my fingers because I’ve only recently learned about & bought a laying tool. Maybe, I really don’t need one! Types of stitches used in this appear to be straight stitch & chain stitch (maybe french knot).

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Well a laying tool does make it easier. 🙂

Since I’m primarily self-taught, I found out early on that if I layed my stitches, the stitching looked better. This was years and years before the new threads, fibers, and classes.

I will use a laying tool, but often I just use a big or bigger needle which works very well.

Windy Meadow

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