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Last of the Pieces of Eight T, V, X, Y
May 30, 2010, 1:45 pm
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These are the last 4 I’m doing of the Pieces of Eight. Turned out nice. Not sure who’s getting this one yet.

As a reminder, the directions for ‘Pieces of Eight’ by Gayle Bicknell are available at  They are reprinted all in one issue for $18.

Octagon X (upper left) is Rhodes Stitch Variations, Octagon Y (upper right) is Walneto Stitch Variation, Octagon T (bottom left) combines Spratshead with center diamond, & Octagon V (bottom right) combines Byzantine & Rhodes Variation. I added Kreinik around the edges in various patterns.

I did the centermost section in what may be a new stitch – if it is, I’m calling it Sunburst. I do not see it in any books of mine. And, if any of you know of a stitch being done this way, do let me know.  I placed #16 braid in a small center square & then did needleweaving from the outer portion under the center & back over & out to the same hole. It gets a raised effect at the very center. And, I placed Frosty Rays in the hole left in the center. I’m playing with making a couple of variations.

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Very nice!

Comment by Kreinikgirl

Thanks & I can see why Kreinikgirl likes these in particular!! I got a great discount on a box of purple Kreinik threads & have enjoyed working with them since.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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