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First Flower Finished
August 12, 2010, 6:42 am
Filed under: Tudor and Stuart Gold Master Class

Once I got into the rhythm of the Queen stitch, it moved along nicely. And, I am getting used to using a magnifying glass. Although, it does get warm being that close to the light. Glad I have a fan & AC. I have to give my 51 year old eyes a break though!

I also find the chart is aligned to threads more than holes. So, I have not figured out how to count to the next flower yet. I think I was tired & will try looking at it again when I am fresher.

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I find it easier to work the silkwork in natural light, and no more than two needlesful at a sitting. Then I go and do something else for a while.

Count your threads in fours, and always to the nearest point on the next motif, and you might find it helps. Also, as it is a spot sampler, remember that a couple of threads out is not going to ruin it because you don’t have to meet up with something somewhere else on the fabric!

Comment by Rachel

Great info – thanks – I hadn’t thought about the motifs not meeting up. And, I’ll have to reread my lessons – maybe I missed what a “spot” sampler means.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Really beautiful! 🙂

Comment by Elmsley Rose

It’s looking great Melita! I can see you’ve done quite a bit since I saw the sample you brought to our meeting last week.

Comment by Lori

Thanks Lori, I got on a bit of a roll before leaving town.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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