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Beautiful Ohio
October 10, 2010, 7:20 pm
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Beautiful Ohio was entered in the 2010 ANG Seminar, my first time submitting any needlepoint to be judged. I was thrilled it took a Second Place ribbon in the Adaptation non-professional category & shocked when it won the Princess Grace Award.

It was the only piece I didn’t ask to be critiqued (I submitted 3 others that I’ll blog about in the days to follow). Apparently, being on 18 count & use of a special technique described by David McCaskill during a class (and explained below in my artist’s statement) made the difference. Considering the state motto of Ohio (“With God, All Things Are Possible”) and not believing I had much of a chance to win a national award, the outcome seems quite ironic.

My Artist’s Statement (required for this category) follows:

I had recently become reacquainted and enjoyed using the tent stitch on a small piece. So, when I saw that one of the competition categories was for the Princess Grace Award using only the tent stitch I decided to design something to pay tribute to our host city, Columbus, Ohio.

I googled Ohio, read many interesting facts, and learned why the cover of ANG Seminar 2010 magazine depicts a cardinal for the state bird, a lady bug for the state insect (who even knew states select bugs!), a scarlet carnation for the state flower, a buckeye for the state tree, and the nearby Scioto River. Before I knew it, I located a variation of the Ohio Star Quilt Block pattern by Janet Wickell (

Then, the design came easy enough when I considered the Ohio flag. I started the center with the red circle within a white circle (although nobody is certain if the white “O” stands for Ohio) and surrounded it with blue like the flag. And, the eight-pointed star stood out nicely using red surrounded by the white like the stripes in the flag. Normally, the four corners of the Ohio Star Quilt Block are all plain but I like the variation. So, I used a red, white, and blue overdyed thread (Wildflowers) placed within Flair (a tubular ribbon) for the half triangles which was a technique described by David McCaskill during a tips and tricks class.

As I write this in July, I am looking forward to enjoying some tomato juice (the state beverage) especially in the form of a Bloody Mary in October in the Buckeye State (the state nickname). Perhaps, I’ll be sitting on the banks of a river (‘Ohio’ is derived from the Iroquois Indian word meaning ‘good river’ or ‘large river’) listening to ‘Beautiful Ohio’ (the state song).

I don’t know if “Beautiful Ohio” will win an award or not but “With God, All Things Are Possible” (the state motto).


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Melita, Congratulations!! Beautifuly done. I like how you did the research and incorporated it into your artist statement. You should be proud.

Comment by Debbie

Thanks Debbie, Yes, I’m very happy – it’s a great feeling when things just come together.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Congratulations, what an honor. I like the way your artist statement reflexed the facts you chose to repreesent.. congratulations, Prince greace is quite an honor.

Comment by sudukc

Wow!!! Beautiful Ohio is gorgeous and the write-up also helped you win, I am sure…well done! I especially love the part about ‘who even knew a state chooses bugs!’ — that was cute/fantastic!!! All your research and thoughtfulness helped you win, I think, besides the great piece itself….and I do love the corners!!! They contribute without dominating…Just looking at all your stitching makes me consider getting back into needlepoint!
Also, the two awards are quite impressive! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
It bears repeating: Wow!!!

Comment by Anita Vibbert

Thanks. Yes, I was told that the artist statement is important as well. Maybe pick up a project just for an hour ever day or two. Thanks again, Love, Ba

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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