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Madam Carina
October 14, 2010, 7:16 am
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Madam Carina was entered in the 2010 ANG Seminar. I was really pleased that she scored just 1 point lower than “Beautiful Ohio” in each area: design, color, workmanship/technique, suitability, and finishing. They were both adaptations but Madam Carina used a variety of stitches. My artist’s statement follows:

This mysterious woman appeared at my hair salon as a stained glass piece (original designer unknown). As I continued to be intrigued by her at my appointments, I decided she’d look striking in needlepoint. So, I took a photo and looked through my collection of pins for one to adorn her hat. But, as soon as I saw the pearl and gold pin, I knew it was ideal for her earring. I’d been designing needlepoint to showcase jewelry, mainly pins (which I call “Pinsations” and is designed so that the pin can be removed and worn).

I enlarged the photo using a xerox/printer until I determined a size appropriate for the pin to work as an earring. Then, I drew the design on the canvas and selected stitches as I progressed. I started with the jacket and chose stitches based on the angle of the particular piece of her jacket. For the collar of the jacket I decided to use the darkest portions of the overdyed thread to help bring that area out and I did some free-style weaving with threads that added some sparkle. Once I decided to couch the outline of the jacket and face, she came to life. If the pin were removed and worn, there is an Octagonal Rhodes stitched underneath the pin which serves to attach the pin and look like an earring.

Naming “MadamCarina” became the hardest part. I finally chose Madam because she is mysterious and Carina, a Danish short form of Catherine which is my sister-in-law’s name and the original owner of the pin!

The parts of the coat include: interlocking gobelin (5×1 and 2×2) & diagonal cashmere. The collar is padded alternating continental & free-style weaving with Accentuate (275) to match Watercolours (090 Ruby). The outline of the coat is couched Petite Very Velvet. The face & lips are tent stitch. The hat is Alicia’s Lace Variation with the outline using threaded back. The earring (under the pin) is octagonal rhodes & the hair is turkey. The background is the palace pattern.

Stitches came from The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton, and Stitches for Effect by S. Howren & B Robertson.

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Congratulations! This is just gorgeous! Very nice use of different stitches.

Comment by Liz

She is just magnificient! I love the colors your used and the stiches are just perfect for the picture! WOW!

Comment by Norma

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Absolutely stunning. The name is soooo appropriate. And especially thanks for sharing the names of the stitches used to create this ‘lady’. Enjoy

Comment by Carol

Thanks again Carol. I hoped it would be interesting to others & a resource for not only myself but others as well. It is fine to see a stitch in a book. But, it can look so different when used.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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