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Golf Tee Holder for Bill
July 26, 2011, 10:55 pm
Filed under: Golf, Needlework in Progress

I began stitching this 3-inch diameter insert for a “golf tee holder” Sunday night. But, I didn’t get it done for my husband Bill’s birthday which was today because we’ve been celebrating.

He mentioned recently that I’ve never stitched anything for him. I finally remembered that I’d cross-stitched bowling towel that he used for years. But, as far as needlepointing him something, I hadn’t done anything for him.

It was so fitting that my husband saw a sign for Nimble Needle on Saturday for Nimble Needle in Haddonfield, NJ when we went to Omaha Steaks (instead of our usual Chestnut Hill store)! I had totally forgotten it was in Haddonfield. So, we walked around the corner, down a couple of blocks & stopped in for a visit.

Eventually, my husband mentioned I’d won a couple of national awards & I had already said I was with ANG Mainline Stitchers! And Karen Milano, the store owner, said “Are you Melita Glavin, the blogger??”  Amazing!

So, we were having a nice chat while I was looking around, with no intention of adding to my projects, when I spied the change purse with a golf logo & asked if it was big enough to hold his tees in it. He already has a bag for his long tees but he likes to carry short ones too! And, so, I began stitching using threads from my stash. I’m using the tent stitch & it is working up quickly.

As a wonderful by-product, Karen has agreed to come to one of meetings to teach a class on a simple finishing technique for a small round ornament. So often, we want to stitch a gift for friends but the cost of finishing can be so high that you can’t give them away as casual gifts. I had a lesson a year ago & it really helped me appreciate all the work that does go into finishing needlepoint. So, now when I do pay $60-$80 per piece, I realize that it is worth it. Our group will be thrilled.

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