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Research on pillow cases
October 21, 2011, 7:51 pm
Filed under: Needlework in Progress, Photo Embroidery Class

I found a tag, ’42″x36″, type 140, Debutante by Dan River’ on the inside of the pillow case that I’m taking to class tomorrow & googled it. In 1961, The Torrence Herald advertised a pair of these pillow cases same size as mine but not ‘Debutante’ on sale 2 for $0.76 & the ‘Debutante’ that they did advertise are not the same size on sale 2 for $1.26. So, close but not a match.

Click to access 00000903.pdf

I also found a pair with embroidery edging by Dan River that are close to mine but not an exact match, on eBay for $3.99 + S&H. A pair that isn’t opened is selling on eBay for $19.99. Understandable difference in price.

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It always astonishes me to discover this sort of information online. I never expect such ephemeral details to be rediscoverable!

Comment by Rachel

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