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Stitches in Sterling
October 26, 2011, 7:34 am
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What a wonderful weather we had for the long weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE! And, the class was even better. Nancy Cucci taught bead basics (I’d never applied beads to needlepoint before) & darning patterns (which I had not done very much of before). So, it was a wonderful learning experience.

I am also very impressed by her instructions. All the images are hand drawn. I thought everyone used a computer & was thrilled to learn she does them by hand. They are so well drawn that I didn’t realize that they are hand drawn! Such a personal touch to be doing it by hand.

We applied various types/sizes of beads the first day. Then, yes, I finished 2 areas of the beading at a bar! It was so well-lit & almost nobody in the bar that it was like working at home with just the TV on – baseball, beer & beading with Bill by my side!! The second day we learned about the background stitches (some darning others more wrapping to create flatter/rounder looks) & a way to sign & date the piece in a very subtle stitching pattern. We talked about all the areas before we left.

There were 2 ladies that came from Albany, NY & 4 of us from Philly, & the rest were Delawareans. It was really a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow ANGers. Most everyone went out to a group dinner on Monday night, including the 2 traveling husbands. Roseanne & Geri did a fantastic job at organizing everything. It really was a wonderful group of people, location, & learning experience. Thanks again for thinking to invite us!

And, on the drive home, I came up with an idea for a piece to submit to ANG Seminar for 2012. I even got the basics down on paper last night when I got home so I wouldn’t forget. I was picking her brain about how she designs during class. Thanks Nancy for a very educational & enjoyable learning experience!! And, eventually, for a loving piece of needlepoint.

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Sounds like a great class!

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