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Philly Food Spots
July 21, 2012, 10:17 am
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For visitors to Philly, including myself and my husband Bill, who are spending some vacation time at the Marriott in Center City, I have collected websites for places we are likely to go to in August (24-31) during the ANG 40th seminar for breakfast/lunch/dinner. I have worked in Center City for 18 years & have tried even a few more places than my husband because of work celebrations.

Most restaurants at Reading Terminal are open 8am-6pm. Down Home Diner is probably open the earliest & longest at 7am-10pm except Sun 9 am-7pm. My husband & I head there for breakfast & then browse the terminal for a few hours occasionally on a Saturday. 

Here’s a list of all the merchants & printable map   You can also get a brochure with a directory/map inside at the information desk in the corner at 12th & Filbert. We have been to some but certainly not all of these food spots – never had anything bad.
And, there are plenty of vendors in curbside trucks. You could then take the food back to the hotel. I don’t eat at them often nor at any near the terminal but I have never had bad food from street vendors either. Rule of thumb: If they have a line, they are going to be good! 

In addition to Maggiano’s, an Italian restaurant, The Melting Pot is across the street from the Marriott. Personally, I am anxious to try that place for the fondue-sounds like fun! The Field House, located nearby in the Convention Center, has a nice selection of food at a reasonable price. While they say they are a sports bar, they are also a nice casual restaurant. We tend to eat there after seeing the Flower Show. I have never been to the Marriott restaurant, 13 – Thirteen, named for the original 13 colonies, but it looks like a nice menu and prices are in line with Center City prices. I’ll bet Bill will try the pork chop!

Our favorite place in Chinatown, Sang Kee Peking Duck House, is in the farthest part of Chinatown from Marriott but cabs are plentiful in Center City. Singapore noodle is a little spicy but good. And, the wonton soup is wonderful with small round wispy noodles. 

If you LOVE chocolate, Max Brenner’s is an incredible dining experience. Save room for dessert! The food is a tad on the pricey side but delicious. I find the BALT (a for avocado) just enough when sharing an app of the corn croquettes. Or, just go for dessert!

If you are heading to the Rittenhouse area, I like 2 Stephen Starr places. The Continental for either the cheesesteak egg rolls (better than any cheesesteak sandwich in the entire city) or lobster Mac n Cheese – share one order of each with your dining partner! It will plenty of food.  And, Dandelion has lunch, afternoon tea (3-5pm), and dinner. The roasted spiced bar nuts are served warm – not sure if they are available at all times as they are only on the tea menu. They should be! Also in the area is the hottest (pun intended) new spot, Underdogs, for hotdog or sausage lovers. They offer a wide variety of toppings making the choice very difficult! So far, I can recommend the Manhattan, Coney Classic, and Michigan. A combo with soda, fries, & sandwich is only $6-8. 

Here are links to menus for restaurants that I have mentioned:

Click to access PHILLY.pdf

I have only scratched the surface of gastronomic delights that Philly has to offer. So, after sitting all day at classes, walk up an appetite on your way to any one of the wonderful restaurants in Center City! 

Getting closer but still over a month away. 
See you soon!

I have no financial connection to any location mentioned – unfortunately. I am just a satisfied customer hoping all ANG members have a wonderful visit!

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Melita, thanks for all this great information.

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