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October 29, 2012, 12:38 pm
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Melitastitches4fun's Blog

You may recall that a previous blog was about the process of pilot stitching for ANG ( Well, I finished that blog by saying, “My hats off to the folks who match people & courses – it must be quite a challenge!!” Little did I know that person was Christine, or know that she’d ask me to take on her role of Correspondence Course Chairman (CCC) one year later while at seminar in Philly, or that the role involved matching select courses with pilot stitchers. And, I must say that being CCC is a bit more involved than I’d expected. But,  I decided to take it on because I’d gotten so much out of the 3 correspondence courses that I’d taken shortly after joining ANG ( and and This year’s Seminar was certainly a whirlwind of activity!

So, I am certainly glad that I have had the experience to pilot a course now that I will be more involved…

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