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Native American Art
January 3, 2014, 10:22 pm
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While in Arizona, we visited Montezuma’s Castle and the Heard Museum. It is a little tough to get pictures without flash but …

I like to try fibers but this probably belongs with basket weaving not needlepoint.

Yucca Fiber

and, using a yucca needle doesn’t look like it will slide easy.

Yucca Needle

The textiles at the Heard Museum were fantastic. The dye was made from dried cochineal beetles harvested on prickly pear cactus plants. It takes 3,750 beetles to dye a pound of wool bright red!


Beautiful examples

Long shawls

And, beaded purses!!
Beaded purses

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Melita, what a great visit to a Native American Museum and area. Your descriptions and pictures were so nice and it is a pleasure to read and view them. I don;t know how the shawls were made—wove–I suspose but I am a knitter too and shawl making is quite popular these days. Of course as both of us are stitchers —the beaded purses were beautiful. I have always ‘thought’ of trying to learn to bead and make a little coin purse as a starter–however–life has been real complicated for me. Thank you so much for sharing—I really enjoy your Blog , information and pictures.
Enjoy Carol in Tenn —we will have 11 deg on Sunday–a record.

Comment by Carol

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