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Santa’s Hat Trim & Beard

The instructions of Peg Dunayer’s Triangle Santa ornament called for a satin stitch for the hat trim but the picture used a more decorative stitch. I decided to try a new stitch after thumbing through Stitches To Go by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson. It is the Triple Cross Stitch done over 4 threads wide as shown in the diagram but vertically over 5 threads. As you may have noticed in the last posting, I layer some threads to give the trim some height. And, thanks to the stitch, it created a layered effect. It is also non-directional and filled the space up fully.

And, rather than leaving the threads of the mustache in a figure 8 as shown, I cut the ends. I also layed a thread below the satin stitch for the eyebrows for some height.

Now, I’m ready for our September class at Keystone when we learn some finishing techniques and do some braid making!

Trim & Mustache

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Dear Melita
I’ve been trying in vain to locate a pattern of Peg Dunayer’s Triangle Santa ornament from Needlepoint Now magazine Nov/Dec 2007. This is not available to purchase as a back issue so I was wondering if I could purchase your magazine or a copy of the pattern please? I have a PayPal account if that helps.
Yours sincerely
Canberra, Australia

Comment by Jenni Davill

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