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Vintage Needlepoint
May 21, 2015, 5:42 pm
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I feel like I was at a needlepoint exhibit even though it was the Williamsburg Antique Mall. My favorite is what is described as “bungo” embroidery.  I never heard of it & can’t find anything on google. It looks like boucle thread in long/short stitches.


Volcano closeup

This is ribbon embroidery.


Parrot closeup

More (of the better pieces) . . .

Prayer Plant

Olde Williamsburg





Flower Basket

Cross stitch

Needlepiont & petit point, wool-1


Pulled work


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The first piece is Bunka not Bunga. Bunka is Japanese punch needle embroidery. I learned this technique while in Japan many years ago. i even recognize the kit that piece came from. if you google bunka embroidery, you will see lots of examples.

Nancy K

Comment by Nancy Kenealey

Thanks Nancy. It should have dawed on me. I have a bunka brush. That’s fantastic that you studied it & amazing that you recognize the kit! The wiki page says the thread doesn’t pierce the canvas. Sounds interesting.

I got the same input via email: It is bunka embroidery, and is similar to punch needle. The small “fluffers” that look like a pet brush on a wooden base, with thin needles with bent tips, that we use for raising things like Fuzzy Stuff or Turkey work, are called bunka brushes and are used in some way with that embroidery in Japan. If I remember correctly, the original brass tacks that you still see sometimes (I still have some that I use) with a pattern on the top were also bunka tacks. The Japanese lace their silk to the frames, but I guess the bunka was done on other fabric that they can tack to the frames.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Cool lampshade.

Comment by brendasneedlepointstudioblog

What fun looking at these close up, Melita! i feel like I was there at the “exhibit”. And what a wide variety of pieces.

Comment by suesci

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