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Stitching with Jean
June 7, 2015, 12:04 pm
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Recently, I have playing with Jean Hilton stitches to understand them. How they work so I can adapt to pieces I’m working on. These came from Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches (infinity symbol, raccoon eyes, leaf, curved leaf, nautilus) (page 13).

Jean Hilton Exotic Crescents

The double fan doubled also from the same book (page 37). However, there is no explanation of how to make the opening in the middle. So, if anyone can share any insights, I’d appreciate it!
Double Fan Doubled

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Carole Lake uses the double fan doubled as the center of this design. I thought the “opening” was not really there and just shows up in the drawing. You can see the picutures and Carole’s instructions here:

Comment by Mary Ruth in NC

Awesome Mary Ruth. Then, I was stitching it right. Seeing it stitched with that thread & larger helped too. It’s also interesting to see the other shape – more rectangular. Thanks!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Hi Melita, I stitched this from an article in ANG Needlepointers Magazine, March, 2010 and blogged about it at:

Hope this helps.

Comment by brendasneedlepointstudioblog

Thanks Brenda – I can see now that I was being to literal with her diagram. I thought I was supposed to have a center opening but that was just left open to show the path of the stitches better. Thanks so much.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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