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Expo! Night at Seminar 2019
August 18, 2019, 9:08 am
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Last night, after the first wave went in, I went into Expo! And, saw lots of bags coming out. This year’s buzz item was the ANG Lone Star Chapter’s booklet called Grab -n- Go Stitches with over 450 stitches.

It is designed like Stitches To Go and without any duplicates from that book. I’m very interested in the stitch type groupings: Stitches that read straight, stitches that read diagonal, stitches that read oblique, leaf stitches, laid fillings, blackwork, darning patterns, and lagniappe (a nice variety).

I was almost out the door when I passed by Michele Roberts table and there was Broad Stripes and Bright Stars. It has 269 stitches in the flag and 366 stitches in the glossary (one for every day of a leap year). Having purchased the original Patchwork of Peace book and having almost finished stitching piece based on the companion guide by Connie at Nashville Needle, I knew my husband would ask, “Why would you want that book?” And, he did! Well, I wanted to see how it was written, what stitches and threads were recommended, and it makes a great stitch dictionary. Who knows, maybe I will stitch another flag some day!

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It’s hard to resist a book with so many different stitches!

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