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Swirling Leaves, Baseball, and Backgrounds
October 27, 2019, 12:14 pm
Filed under: Swirling Leaves

Considering that this has leaves in the design, it is Fall, and we’re watching baseball, I decided to stitch the rest of the background.

To recap this piece, in 2015, I took Janet Perry’s cyber class about learning to create your own stitch guide. I submitted a picture of this canvas which she chose for one of the class discussions. It’s Swirling Leaves (DH3825) an Elements canvas by Dream House Ventures Inc.

Janet suggested stitching the background first so that the focal points are on top of the rest of the stitching. However, she suggested an open Tent Stitch pattern. And, I didn’t realize until it was way to late that I didn’t do it correctly. No wonder it took so long to stitch.

So, now it is the Alternating Continental stitch and still a non-directional pattern that she intended (just not open). I had plenty of Elegance E800 and plenty of time watching baseball.

I stitched all the stitches that went from lower left to upper right first. Then, worked the second pass in the opposite direction which went faster than the first pass maybe because I was distracted by baseball. I am glad that background is done.

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