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Making Stitches Work For You with Carolyn Mitchell

Making Stitches Work For You with Carolyn Mitchell is an ANG Cyberworshop that began January 2020. It’s got 4 lessons over 4 months. Carolyn sent an introductory letter with thread suggestions. She shared how she stitched her pillows but she is encouraging people to be creative and use our own designs, threads, and stitches.

This is a good opportunity for me to use a couple of books from her bibliography that I have but haven’t really looked at much:

  • Ireys, Katherine. The Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery Stitch Patterns. New York: Thomas Crowell, 1968.
  • Lantz, Sherlee and Lane, Maggie. A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1973.

And, I want to use my new book, ANG Chapter Lone Star’s Grab -n- Go Stitches.
I have tagged several stitches that I really like because they are new to me. That gave me more than enough without using her stitch diagrams. I went into my stash and found some wonderful browns for use on a Sandstone canvas. After opening the overdyed Waterlilies, I changed my mind about using it because there was a large dull grayish section along the thread. I found a Wildflowers in my stash with a splash of green that might be good.

I also have a lovely purple Waterlilies overdyed thread and a card of Regal Purples Splendor Design Collection calling to me too (second design?). But, after looking for more threads to go with the Amethyst, I saw quite a range of colors causing me to abandon the Regal Purples and go towards blue-violet and red-violets. And, I found a partial Waterflowers Fushia that is looking really good with these threads too. The Amethyst has some large sections of rather dull grayish sections but maybe I just need to try the thread with certain stitches. Carolyn shares some thoughts about threads and stitches in Lesson 1 but more on that topic is coming next month.

In this first month’s lesson, we are playing with line drawings. I’ve done about 6 so far. And, of them, this is my favorite so far. Each graph line is 4 canvas threads making this a 6″ square.

However, I expect that I will stitch a band sampler like Carolyn’s pillows that advertised the course. They were stunning! I’m working on an asymmetrical piece and a symmetrical one. I’m mapping them out on my computer and adding to my stitch library.

I am enjoying this opportunity to “play” before stitching. Carolyn’s input on my drawings and other’s in the class has been interesting.

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