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Interchange, Lesson 1
September 25, 2020, 7:30 am
Filed under: ANG Seminar 2020, Interchange by Linda Reinmiller

My ANG 2020 Virtual Seminar class, Interchange, is with Linda Reinmiller. It is a band sampler and we’re doing it in 4 weekly lessons.

One of the main reasons for taking the class was to get an introduction to pulled work. And, we jumped right into it for Lesson 1. I am glad that I practiced on a waste canvas. Since this is 18 count canvas, it is stiff and tougher to pull than had it been on Congress Cloth. But, opening the holes with a larger needle (and stitching with it) made it easier. I’m not sure what the teacher would say but I also used Uncle Bill’s tweezers to pinch the canvas threads together! That worked great.

I photographed with a white board underneath to try and have the holes show better. There is pulled 4-sided on the far right orange band and pulled backstitch on the far left orange band. With the 4-sided pulled work what is more evident than the larger holes is the dark center where the black canvas threads have been pulled together. If I hadn’t pulled, some of the orange thread would have shown through from below the hole. So, pulled work can create open space and closed space.

There is a pull on the couching thread of the ribbons but it’s tough to see but it is pinching the ribbon tightly. And, that’s a variety of three Jessica shapes in between the ribbons.

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