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Interchange, Lesson 3
October 11, 2020, 12:37 pm
Filed under: ANG Seminar 2020, Interchange by Linda Reinmiller

Lesson 3 of my ANG 2020 Virtual Seminar class, Interchange with Linda Reinmiller began with a band of crescents. If you didn’t know how to do them, you sure would by the time you finished. As I did with the crescents in my Crescent Journey piece, I used a tuck stitch near the center in order to eliminate carrying threads below the canvas in open areas. And, I buried the threads in the center of already stitched crescents as I moved down each row.

The next band was much easier with upright cross stitches. Then, we learned pulled ring backstitch and pulled 3-sided. I had no idea there were so many variations of pulled work.

I don’t see much advantage in the pulled rings versus just stitching them. The only pulls making a difference are in the right small square areas running down the center. My hand is feeling it and need to take breaks occasionally.

The pulled 3-sided was definitely one pattern where pulled stitches create a good effect. Stitching each stitch twice (rather than doubling the thread) made cinching easy before stitching the next stitch. Also, each stitch was over 3 canvas threads not 4 as in a few previous bands.

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This is stunning! Thank you for all the pictures, so that we can see the details.

Comment by craftingwacky

Thanks. The threads are really popping off the black canvas!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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