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Interchange, Lesson 4 (Final)
October 14, 2020, 10:16 am
Filed under: ANG Seminar 2020, Interchange by Linda Reinmiller

Wow. Lesson 4 already done! Despite not being in person, I was very happy with my ANG 2020 Virtual Seminar class, Interchange, with Linda Reinmiller.

I like the balance that the band of Byzantine offered to the earlier band of Milanese. And, that Kreinik has both the green and blue making it very appealing band.

Bargello is always fun to stitch. I purposefully selected a portion of the overdyed Gloriana that went from green on the outside corner in to the pink to pull in the same colors used in the upper left area. This is probably the first time I laid 2 strands of Kreinik rather than using a heavier weight Kreinik. It tended to tangle easily.

It was interesting to stitch the Satin stitch with such a thin thread (#12) but it balances the lightly stitched orange area in the upper left area.

The pulled Satin isn’t particularly evident because the canvas holes don’t look bigger on either edge. Once I compared with an unpulled diagonal Satin (not shown here), I found a one millimeter difference in the over 2 canvas thread stitch. So, the pulled Satin is smaller producing a tighter stitch.

Then, we ended with the most familiar pulled technique that I have seen before, an eyelet. It’s such a pretty stitch but tough to end the thread because it is pulled so tightly.

This piece certainly has challenging issues with ending threads (except for the canvas stitches) and not having them show. Piercing was the method that worked best for me except for Kreinik where I had to bury it.

Thanks to Linda Reinmiller for making this class available in the virtual world, teaching beginning pulled work, and for answering my questions in the earlier lessons. I’m also fascinated by the use of colors repeated to create a cohesive design. It was fun to stitch with such bright colors especially that Gloriana! And, it’s not often that I finish a Seminar piece within a month of starting it! Yeah!!

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