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Downton Abbey Threads

It took ordering from 3 stores to compile the required threads to stitch all 4 Gay Ann Roger’s Downton Abbey pieces. Everything including the 4 pieces of canvas are now ready to go. I only substituted Fuzzy Stuff which I had in my stash for the Planet Earth fiber Furr-Fuzz-Funn. One of the Kreinik colors has been discontinued but I was able to get it. I thought it was interesting that 3 of the 4 pieces use DMC Ecru and Lady Mary’s does not. Nothing as common as Ecru for her!

The next decision is in what order to stitch them? Do I stitch youngest to oldest or vice versa? This decision is based on one key point: The Dowager Countess is the newest design just released in her October sale and I would her done hers first. But, it uses Watercolours Amethyst 006 and I have stitched with Waterlilies Amethyst 006 recently. So, I will start with Lady Edith.

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You’re going to love working on these. I did them years ago and framed them with “cards” that were made by an associate of Gay Ann’s. However, I wasn’t aware there was another one called Dowager Contess. It must have been put out much later.
Looking forward to see how you’re going to frame them.

Comment by brendasneedlepointstudioblog

Yes, I love how you framed them! That was inspirational. The Dowager Countess was in her most recent sale.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Do you have a picture of the fourth one with her threads?

Comment by Sharon

It’s the one in the upper left corner Sharon.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Ooh, it’s so subtle that I missed it completely. I like it!
I did Lady Edith in navy, blues, white and silver (Covid exercise in using stash) and she’s a lot of fun to stitch. She had lots of intricate, but not difficult, details.

Comment by Sharon

Beautiful! I can’t wait to see them completed.

Comment by smittenwithgoodness

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