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Canvas Master Craftsman Program, Step 4

Step 4 of the Canvas Master Craftsman program had to incorporate 8 different bargello patterns but not into a “sampler”. So, I have 3 bowls, 3 abstract flowers, a background, and a border. It’s 252 x 180 canvas threads on 18-count canvas. I was surprised to see that it measured 14.5″ x 10.25″. Do stretcher bars actually stretch the canvas that much?

Step 4 passed with distinction and will be sent for display at EGA National Seminar in 2021 along with Steps 1, 2, and 3! 

Any color combination was allowed. I selected a tetrad that are two sets of complements: yellow-orange (browns), yellow-green, blue-violet, and red-violet.

The left blossoms use 3 diamond patterns. For the bowl, I combined two of the same components used in the blossoms and overlapped them when joined side by side. The center bowl and blossoms are different but related diagonal patterns. And, the third group are both examples of mirrored bargello patterns.

I never thought I would finish the background which is a variation of Victorian Step from Decorative Backgrounds by June McKnight (page 53). Since this pattern has more smaller over 2 stitches than over 4 stitches, the stitches recede from the main design elements which consists of mainly larger over 4 stitches.

The border stitch was tricky to make it align evenly. I had to expand the pattern on the sides to make it fit. Four Way Bargello by Dorothy Kaestner is a great resource for bargello patterns. This is a variation of Mauve Ribbon Corners (page 110-111).

I really wish Liz Morrow was still with us. Her designs were instrumental in teaching me about different bargello patterns. Her last blog posting was 2 lovely Hearts for Hospice ( Liz was a wonderful designer and teacher. She was another generous and supportive needlepoint mentor that I have been blessed to know. We are fortunate that her designs are still available at: There are several bargello patterns I still want to stitch and under her needlepoint tab, I’ve always loved her Leaping Stag.

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Congratulations on finishing with distinction! Did you know, Leaping Stag was published in Needle Pointers a while back (I was just starting out as assistant editor but can’t remember the year).

Comment by Remedial Stitcher

Thanks. Yes, I saved the instructions (somewhere). They are also for sale on her website.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Congratulations Melita! What a lovely, inventive design. Well done!

Comment by Joyce Pugh

Thanks Joyce. Creating a non-sampler bargello piece was challenging.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Wow! That is lovely! I read the description before I saw the picture, and I couldn’t imagine how you put it together. I definitely agree with the Distinction designation.

You have now inspired me to try to a picture with bargello.

Comment by craftingwacky

Thanks Elizabeth! Bargello patterns are great fun!!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Oh, and the background is great. I like how it has a definite pattern like everything else, but as you said, it recedes.

Comment by craftingwacky

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