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Secret Window, Center Dome Window and Another Treenway Silk

The center was squared off with Two Tone Sprats Head (Entice and Bijoux). For the eight crescents, I used Harmony, a natural-dye (explained on the Treenway website), 6-strand silk floss (from a particular silk worm also described on their website). I didn’t try to color match the skein (find the repeating color pattern). Instead, I used 4 of the 6 strands and started on the top on each side by working 2 strands counterclockwise to the left and 2 strands clockwise to obtain matching color movement.

I love the shape of the blue Plaited Ray’s between the Sprats Heads in the corners.

The 2 tiny Diagonal Sheaf stitches use 4 strands of Accentuate. It’s not my favorite thread and I realize that I have 2 spools of it. Each spool is 50M. I better learn to like it! But, for now, I was given the option to add some sparkle on the last 3 stitches. So, I did and used 2 strands of Bijoux in the center for the last 3 stitches.

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The stitches are so beautiful–love the colors and threads.

Comment by brendasneedlepointstudioblog

Once again very intricate and beautiful work.

Comment by hettyanddaisy

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