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Color Wheels
February 8, 2023, 1:24 pm
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I’ve got multiple small Pocket Color Wheels and a large one by The Color Wheel Company that I have used for years. In the past year, I picked up a small Pick, Point and Match Rainbow Color Selector from K1C2. I finally sat down and read the accompanying booklet. The little window is surrounded by 7 values.

Their discussion on values leaves me realizing there is more to value than just the lightness or darkness of a color! In one place they say that a balanced harmonious combination will be most successful if all the colors in the combination are also grayed to the same value. Yet they also say that mixing values can be quite effective when 2 colors are used disproportionately. However, mixing values of three or more colors results in a spotty and distracting look. So, what to do? For me, it means take more classes and reread my books on color (when I can find the time). Keep learning!

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The various elements of color is definitely one of my biggest challenges!

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