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Shading with Crewel Stitches by Judy Jeroy

The EGA Mid-Atlantic Regional Spring meeting was held Saturday May 6 in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I went up on Friday because the Take Home a Project (THaP) class, Stitching with Crewel Stitches, with Judy Jerow started at 8:30 am. THaPs are geared towards chapter representatives returning to teach it to their chapter members. It’s my 2nd class as a student after teaching Overdyed Spools as a THaP in 2021.

Judy published Creative Crewel Embroidery: Traditions and Innovations. I don’t own the book but wanted to mention it because she is extremely knowledgeable and talented. One student had just gotten a copy of the book (used for a steal at a library sale-lucky lady-Donna!) and got it autographed.

With this design, we learned to use stitches other than long and short to shade a floral design. We learned how Judy makes chain, burden, French Knots, Coral Knots, stem, and outline stitches. She was frank and funny particularly when she said you can show me how you make these stitches but I’m here to show you how I make them. Then, you can do whatever you want!

I bought polyester Twill tape to wrap the inner hoop. There are 3 issues with the hoop (that I can live with for this project but a purist might find troublesome). 1. The hoop is plastic. Wood is preferred because they grip the ground fabric better and apparently don’t distort as easily. 2. The Twill tape is polyester. Natural cotton is preferred. The ground fabric can grab the cotton better keeping it stretched better. 3. The fabric is linen Twill and so wrapping the hoop wasn’t even necessary!

It was a 3-hour class that felt like half that long. The first stitches, chain (right sise in photo) and Coral Knot (left side of photo), weren’t worked on the hoop. And, I didn’t get to stitch the others. So, I didn’t use the hoop! I can’t stitch and listen. As I heard someone in class say, it’s not a race. With that said, this was my progress in class (except for the French Knots that I practiced on a napkin). There is no shading evident. But, there will be.

Cindy, one of my tablemates from Williamsburg, joined me at my table – nice to see her again. Several of the ladies let me know how much they and their chapter members have enjoyed Overdyed Spools.

Class was over in a flash. I learned how to start a thread and Judy even discussed her blocking method. I’m glad I got to get a lesson from her before she retires. She recently celebrated her 64th Wedding Anniversary!

Using 2 stranded wool is required to make it Crewel. This design and techniques are applicable to other threads but then is would be called Surface Embroidery. Good to know. Appleton wool is THE wool to use. And, I don’t care for it. It feels almost rough. We had 2 colorways to select from. One had pinks and the one I selected had yellows. We got 9 needles. Once I start shading, I’ll need them.

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