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ANG’s Master Needlepointer Program
May 20, 2023, 3:50 pm
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Did you know Sheila B was the first to complete American Needlepoint Guild’s (ANG’s) Master Needlepointer Program revamped program? Her experience with the first 4 stages is written up in the Sept 2018 issue of Needle Pointers. Briefly, there are 2 phases. The first 4 stages test the stitchers techniques, use of color, and texture. The first 2 pieces require transferring a design provided by ANG and the second 2 pieces require you to select stitches appropriate to a painted canvas (either one you paint or purchase) with a landscape or a seascape. The second phase, Senior Master Needlepointer, requires creating original designs. Judging is twice per year but you can take up to 5 years to complete the first 4 stages.

The other four ANG certification programs are discussed in the following issues:

  • Master Needle Artist, Sept 2020; “designed to advance the artistic skills within the Candidate and to develop that ART into an original needlepoint design”.
  • Judging Certification, May 2021
  • Master Teacher, Sept 2021
  • Needle Appraisal, Nov 2021

Brenda has shared her experience with ANG’s Master Needlepointer Program on her blog, Brenda’s Needlepoint Studio. She learned about this program from an article written in ANG’s January 2021 issue of Needle Pointers where a description of the four stages was given. Brenda completed Stage 1 which had to use 8 of 20 stitches including a pulled thread stitch in a monochromatic colorway using DMC floss to demonstrate the usage of the appropriate number of strands. She used basting and pencil to transfer the design to Congress Cloth. Brenda worked within the blue-greens and used a variegated thread from ThreadworX. Brenda passed by receiving 99 out of 100 points. Love her colors. Looking forward to seeing her second stage piece!

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