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Nightshirt from Designers Desk
August 27, 2014, 8:36 pm
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Another purchase at Designers Desk that says it all – eat, sleep, stitch! That is Bill and the store owner, Pat, sitting amongst the most needlepoint merchandise gathered in one three-story building! It was worth the drive!





Pat's store, Designers Desk



Designers Desk

Cloth Ornaments
August 27, 2014, 7:44 am
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Aren’t these just adorable? I found these on the 3rd floor on Designers Desk & a steal at $3.85. It makes giving ornaments as gifts much more affordable to use these for finishing. I love finding unique items!

Cloth frames

Golfing Husband at Seminar
August 26, 2014, 4:20 pm
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I am kind of jumping back & forth chronologically. But, I was busy with setting up, meeting people including fellow Distance Learning colleagues, CyberPointers folks, teachers, pilot stitchers, & chatting with people from previous seminars.

Can you guess this will be for Bill? I got it at Designers Desk in Geneva, IL. I’ll probably have threads in my stash. We drove out from Chicago on Saturday & stopped at the third magic store for Bill. Later that evening, the Magic show at Magic Inc with Tony & Josie was incredible. We ended another great day in Chicago at Billy Goat Tavern.

Golfing Husband


ANG Seminar Surprises
August 25, 2014, 3:01 pm
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I can’t take a photo inside the exhibit area so I can only describe what I saw. The white ribbon for third place in the original design non-professional category hanging from Crescent River was quite a thrill. I can’t wait to read the judge’s critique and will share that after I get home.

Seeing Traditions by Liz Morrow in person after following her progress as she stitched it on her blog is exciting. Love the beads.

Catherine Jordan has a different piece, The Gift, which are stitched ribbons wrapped around a glass block. Catherine always comes up with interesting ideas!

Bill & I both walked around twice, together & alone. We both had our People’s vote selected and it was for the same piece, Multicolored Floral by Brenda Hart, a painted canvas design without stitch guide. The autumn leaves shimmer with gold work played on top. That won a Judge’s Choice Award.

Arlene C stitched Rhododendrons on 40 count gauze beautiful with shadowing of the blues to match her first place ribbon & purples to match the Small Masterpiece Award.

There were about 125 newtimers at the Welcome Banquet & 3 got Arad’s:
Violet A – Hilton Award for Mulberry & Lime designed by Jeanne Polzin.
Vicky B. – Nina Goerres Christmas Theme Award for Frontier Santa
Barbara V – Sampler Award for In the Footsteps of the Pharoahs. Barbara should get an award for sending in 8 pieces!

I could go on about all the pieces but have to meet my husband at Billy Goat Tavern! It is only about 2 blocks away!!

Congrats to everyone – all entries are so pretty. Non-seminar people wandering said what I always say… How can the judges decide?


Chicago Skyline Ornament
August 24, 2014, 4:28 pm
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North Shore Needleworks had some pre-kitted Chicago ornaments & I got one of the last (Fri afternoon)! It is by Kirk & Bradley. I got soie d’alger & Needlepoint Inc Silk which I have not worked with much so that’ll be fun.

Chicago Skyline Ornament

Finished Name Tag for 2014 ANG Seminar
August 24, 2014, 8:57 am
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I attached the braid and am pleased at my results. It was a learning experience. The only way to improve is by practice. I have said this before when I finished other items & will say it again – it certainly makes me appreciate paying for finishing when done by professionals. So, when something is more complicated, I will continue to use the skilled professionals & be happy to pay for quality work!

When we arrived, I added the seminar pin. Working off my husband’s tablet because my “smart” phone has decided to be dumb as it nears the 2-year upgrade. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to blog. Already met people from past years & new folks! When you see me say Hi!

Name tag


I bpught the magnets, Stitch an ANG design & Chicago, but seminar gifts also included the other items (mints, eye glass wipe, & door tag). Yes, I went to the Boutique and got some shopping done with the nice ladies at North Shore Needleworks. 

Magnets & gifts

Thee Wendell’s cruises took us along the river & into the lake. Great view & first day in Chicago!

Chicago Skyline

“Faux-Berge” Orange Tree Egg, A 2014 ANG Seminar Class with Michele Roberts

My pre-stitching packet for “Faux-Berge” Orange Tree Egg arrived last weekend. I stitched most of it Thursday night & finished it tonight. It is a 4-way Bargello pattern done with a beautiful dark green Neon Rays Plus (NP32) that has a subtle sparkle to it.

It is a shame to cover most of the circle up with beads. But, I am grateful to the pilot group who suggested students get that part done before class because you can’t apply any beads until the Bargello is finished. It is really exciting to think this ( can get done in one day by doing that pre-stitching although I am not a fast stitcher & will not rush it just to get it done.

While this picture may not be particularly exciting, Seminar in Chicago is only a month away & that is very exciting!!

Bargello base

Name Tag for 2014 ANG Seminar
July 19, 2014, 10:13 pm
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Marilyn designed a name tag that identifies all our various ANG Distance Learning programs/roles including Stitch of the Month for herself, Chapter Project Book for Sue, Cyberworkshop for Chris, Workshop by Mail for Cathie, Pilot Stitcher Coordinator for Vicki, Distance Learning Coordinator for Denise, and Correspondence Course for me.

I got the stitching done a few weeks ago but was a little hesitant to do the finishing although she also provided instructions. So, this morning (with my husband out golfing & the TV off) I spent time going over the directions, made a trip to Jo-Ann’s (for sewing thread to match the backing), and put it together this afternoon! Marilyn was kind enough to send us all the same color green Congress cloth, Skirtex, fleece, and 4 pony beads. Chris was also fantastic to send us all the same color green Ultrasuede for the backing.

I had never heard of or worked with Skirtex before which is a stiff interfacing but is still flexible. I love it – it is very light. And, I discovered that it served well as a place to begin the thread. That way it wasn’t anchored to and carried through any of the back of the stitching which could show through the front.

Anchoring to Skirtex

Then, I cinched lacing stitches into the Skirtex to make it taut and take some stress off the Congress cloth (shown loose in the picture so show how I stitched). I don’t think I’ve worked on Congress cloth until now. It was stiffer than I expected more like monocanvas just a larger count (24 threads per inch). 18 doesn’t sound that much different from 24 but my eyes think so! I’ll stick with 18-count canvas but I can say I have worked on Congress cloth & could if needed.

Lacing stitches

I mitered the corners differently. Marilyn’s were done as described in The Needlepoint Book” by Jo Ippolito Christensen but I don’t think it makes a difference in this case. It just folded my way so easily.

Mitered corners

Mitered corners done

All the lacing stitches went into place easily enough. You just can’t pull too tight because Skirtex is flexible and it could bend. Marilyn reminded us to pack it carefully – she thinks of everything!

Laced back done

The Ultrasuede is fantastic to work with. When I made Marilyn’s Ort Box, I used something like suede that I picked up at Jo-Ann’s but the edging frayed. This was fantastic & had no fraying edges. And, I used the Fiskars Razor Edge scissors (that I learned about on the ANG Yahoo group email list) to trim the sides to fit. Those scissors are wonderful – no wonder they have been around more than 130 years. I used an overcast stitch about every 4 threads as Marilyn recommended. No need for a fancy stitch because the edge will be covered by a decorative braid.

Ultrasuede backing

Since I really don’t like anything around my neck and wanted it as light as possible, I didn’t use any fleece (for a softer look) although that is light as well. I did add the extra piece of Ultrasuede as pocket on the back for my room key. That still should be light.

Because I don’t have a machine that makes braid, I was glad to find a green braid at Jo-Ann’s that will work fine & I’ll attach it another day. I probably won’t post the front of the name tag until seminar. So, look for the ladies with the green tags & say Hi! It’s wonderful to put faces with names.

It is just a little over a month away before we’ll be in Chicago! And, I am so happy that I sat down & did this today because my pre-work arrived today! It is possible that by stitching the background ahead of time, we can finish Michele Roberts'”Faux-berge” Orange Tree Egg during class. I sure am looking forward to seminar!

Little Red Flower Sandal Kit
July 31, 2013, 8:20 pm
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I went in Stitch Haus for a thread for my Crescent River on my way home from work today and walked out with a pair of sandals!

The sandals and 16 mesh canvas (BF413) are designed by Birds of a Feather and were on sale (more than on sale, on deep discount). Initially, I thought they fit me but now I realize they are too small (size 39 European or an 8 in US). I really didn’t think of them for me anyway. I wanted to stitch something for the auction for next year’s seminar.

So, if you are an 8, just you wait – these will aid your gait!

Little Red Flower Sandals

In case you didn’t see my blog Tuesday, my husband, Bill Glavin, is one of the finalists for this week’s The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest!! Please vote for his caption (golfer walking into operating room, contest #388) at: