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Faux-Berge Orange Tree Egg Standing Tall
February 25, 2015, 11:56 am
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The Faux-Berge Orange Tree Egg was designed by Michele Roberts. I enjoyed meeting her during a great ANG Seminar class in Chicago (2014) & it was fun to stitch. I have been enjoying it again now for a couple of weeks – good timing to be here for the upcoming spring & Easter. I wanted to show it to my ANG chapters before posting here. And, I am glad I waited to post because I came across a photo showing the real egg in a brochure from 2001 when a Faberge exhibit came to Wilmington, DE.

Faberge Orange Egg

Karen at Nimble Needle took a great photo when it came back from the finisher who did a fantastic job! It has a little puff to it!! I really love that I had it done as a stand up piece. It uses a plastic stand that inserts into an opening at the bottom of the piece. It can be removed for storage. I first saw the stand used in a piece I bought at the silent auction in Chicago. And, Karen had it at her store!

My Faberge Egg

Golfer’s Finished His Round
February 14, 2015, 1:48 pm
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The eye-glass case turned out great & Bill loves it. The finishers at Rittenhouse Needlepoint did a wonderful job. I took it to both my ANG meetings this week & wanted to post this on Valentine’s Day!

Back & inside


More Cloth Heart Ornaments
December 13, 2014, 10:01 am
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When I was at Designers Desk in Geneva, IL at seminar, I picked up extra cloth ornaments as Christmas gifts for Board members of my ANG Main Line chapter. These were all the various heart patterns that they had for sale. I couldn’t share them until after our Christmas dinner meeting.

We also did a polyanna Christmas “steal” with lots of various needlepoint related items & I got a gift certificate to use at Needle Me in Havertown, PA!

Heart Cloth Ornaments

Golfer Through 18
November 30, 2014, 10:14 pm
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Bill golfed earlier today & I finished his golfer earlier tonight. He won’t have it by Christmas (not worth paying extra) but we’ll drop it off on our next trip downtown (Rittenhouse Needlepoint – they did a great finishing on my sunglass case).

Golfer Through 18

Golfer Playing Under Light on a Larger Fairway
November 23, 2014, 7:57 pm
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The black area was a lot easier to stitch thanks to the StarMag that Karen at Nimble Needle recommended. I wanted a clip-on with a flexible arm, magnifier, & a light. Something easy for travel. And, not costing an arm and a leg. I got all that!!! Bonus is that it can be used as freestanding table lamp.

Clip-on light

I got out my Jacquard Textile paints in order to expand the fairway (& water) in order to make the area 7 & 1/4″ square. That should be enough to make an eye glass case for my husband’s sunglasses. I want the holder lined & his sunglasses are kind of big the way they fold. The color dried lighter and isn’t an exact match, but I just wanted some color under the thread anyway.

Golfer painted border

It’s working fine & I’m really glad I pulled out the paints. Using Vineyard Merino wool on 14 count probably would have allowed some white to be seen. But, with the painted canvas, it is fine. I think on the back 9 now!!

Green Fairway

Golfing Anyone?
October 27, 2014, 12:01 pm
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This was a piece I picked up at Designer’s Desk while at the 2014 ANG seminar in Chicago for Bill & mentioned previously ( I did not have threads in my stash to match. I almost never do even though I think I have every green! And, I realize now that DMC Perle cotton isn’t as durable as wool – which is what I should have used on my husband’s Philly key chain because it is showing significant wear.

So, I stopped at Stitch Haus (sort of on my way home from work – I am so lucky to be close to so many shops) & picked up Vineyard Merino. I had thought the canvas was 18 count but they correctly pointed out it was 14 count. Since they weren’t 100% sure Vineyard Merino would cover enough, they suggested I test it in a black area first & not pull too tightly. It is working out great. And, I love that the colors matched the canvas so exactly! The green is even named “Golf” (M-1144) for the long grass! I also picked up “English Ivy” (M-1197) for the putting green, “Straw” (M-1047) for the sand trap, “Seaport” (M-1206) for the water, and “Jet Black” (M-1111) for the silhouette of the golfer/club.

The interesting thing I noticed was that the thread wasn’t twisting (one of my usual problems with most threads). It wasn’t until I read Mary Corbet’s post about “The Needle You Need!” when I understood better about the benefits of the chenille needle that I’m using for my Gentle Waves piece. I had it out because that has such thick threads & just decided to use it for this piece because of the 14 count canvas. According to Mary, the larger eye has “more room for the thread to move around in there without getting mauled” and “Wool just works better with them. Try it!! You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to control wool thread, to keep it intact and less fuzzy, and to stitch with it in general.” I stumbled into it & now I know why the chenille needle is working so well for the golfer! I’ll have to select my needles more thoughtfully in the future.

The pencil lines indicate the area I’m going to stitch in order to make this big enough to get finished into an eye-glass case for him – for his sunglasses!! He wanted to know if it’d be done by Christmas. I said more likely that it would go to the finisher about then but I’m not paying extra to get a rush job on this – it’ll be ready by Spring golf.

Golfing Anyone


“Faux-Berge” Orange Tree Egg, A Labor of Love
September 1, 2014, 9:45 pm
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I can’t say I labored on Labor Day because it was too much fun to finish “Faux-Berge” Orange Tree Egg today! My 2014 ANG Seminar Class with Michele Roberts was eggcellent & I’ll be taking it to get it finished later this week when I get an ornament that is ready for pick up.

"Faux-Berge" Orange Tree Egg

Expo & A la Mode by Jean Hilton
August 31, 2014, 9:24 pm
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I neglected to post this before I left. Yes, we are home (it was a great week but it’s nice to be home). I’m mostly unpacked & getting caught up on needlepoint issues.

There was so much at vendor night & I only got one booklet. Another woman returning to her room only had 2 NeedlePointers issues for $1 each. We agreed we must have been the rarity. The lines at multiple tables were lengthy even though tables had plenty of staff! Most people were buying.

Linda M from my chapter pointed me back to Mindy Patterson’s table. This was a new name for me. And, her canvases were beautiful. She’s in Oregon & her shop is Mindy’s Needlepoint Factory. But, with so much on my horizon now, I had to resist. Plus, I could have bought a dozen of them! How could I have decided?

What I got was a new release by Stitches From The Heart called A la Mode (you can see it on their website better). And, after winning 4 silent auction items, my credit card needed a rest! Now I see it is a companion to another design, Baroque – also a pretty design.

A la Mode

ANG Annual Auction
August 28, 2014, 11:32 pm
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There were 824 items available at the silent auction! This included stitched/finished items, unstitched canvases, kits, leaflets, and charts. There were 70 more items at the live auction but I didn’t attend after seeing that I won four of my silent bids!

A Susan Portrait kit for a Cabachon Love heart ornament including threads and beads.


Red and Purple Antique Ornament stitched by Karen B and finished by Kristine K atBaltimore Needleworks. I save my new ornament Christmas shopping now for seminar. Do you like the ice bucket hook?

Red and Purple Ornament

Lilly Stand Up stitched by Celia McC and finished by Karen R. This is built as a stand up piece (about 3″ sq) with a plastic base, very clever. And, it will join the other yellow stitched & non-stitched flowers in our bedroom.


And, saving the best for last is “Peonies” stitched by Jan Box and finished by Colleen B at Kathy’s Gallery. It is a lovely Or Nue piece way bigger (about 4-5″ diameter) than my first attempt. I just love the some shimmer (photo not doing it justice).



It was wonderful to finally meet Michele. I stitched her Breastplate Exodus some time ago & have worked with her on ANG Correspondence Courses for 2 years now. She introduced me to the class & gave me this very cute laying tool. Very sweet of her!

Butterfly Laying Tool

When Michele wasn’t teaching the project, she was sharing tidbits all sorts of from her vast knowledge & travels. Very enjoyable but the day went so fast. And, I never stitched so much on one day! I did come back to my room at lunch in order to kick my shoes off, put my feet up, & stitch like I was at home! By doing that, I was able to catch up & get most of the sky done so I could put beads on in the afternoon. The beads went on easier after I got the hang of it, as with anything, but I didn’t quite get done. One young lady did finish & it looked great. It won’t take long to finish this now.

Egg Hatching