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Texas Needlepoint Run and Registration Day
August 14, 2019, 5:16 pm
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This is what it’s like to do a run with me. I’m a planner!
Bill and I will pick up the car at 10:30 am, go out for breakfast, and see the Beer Can House when it opens at noon. Yes, a house made out of beer cans (google it)!

Back to the hotel at by 1 pm, leaving Linda, Kristen, and I four hours for “The Texas Run” driving from one store to the next:

15 min to Needle House/Stitches in Time – shop 30+ min
10 min to Chaparral – shop 60+ min
5 min to Chandail – shop 60+ min
15 min back to hotel by/before 5 pm!

We had such great luck finding what we needed and what we didn’t know we needed that we were back by 4 pm. No problems driving. And, I was able to register for Seminar!

I was going to put photos of each store here but I took videos instead of photos. Oops! Too many shoppers made photos difficult and weren’t doing each store justice anyway. Each had there own style. From one room with merchandise and even a table for stitchers (Stitches in Time) to a long skinny building with thread rooms off both sides, canvases everywhere, and a classroom at the back (Needle House where I bought the Texas magnet). These two are across the street from each other!

Chaparral had a U design within a square shaped area. Canvases everywhere, plenty of threads, and various supplies. I knew I needed a project bag for A Toast to Tiffany and found one there.

And, Chandail was in a large rectangular shaped space with plenty of canvases, lots of threads, supplies, and a large table with a good number of stitchers in for an afternoon. Linda pointed out the stitching station for my armchair as we walked in the door. A local woman makes them and other amazing project bags. I had to get it!

Each store was hopping with shoppers.

Linda and Kristen did well too! Good day. Houston is lucky to have such good stores to go to. And, I was lucky to have two wonderful women to shop with!