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ANG 2022 Seminar Snowflake
December 30, 2022, 6:47 pm
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One last ornament for 2022. At the ANG 2022 Seminar, when my name got picked for the daily prize, I was permitted to pick 2 items out of the basket. One was this small gold snowflake. The design space is 7 x 7 “threads” (1/2 inch square). So, I went to my Framed Sevens instructions (from Needlepoint Now, Mar/Apr 2022) and found the Cris Cross Hungarian motif used the most threads in a small space. Then, off to my stash . . .

I used Petite Very Velvet V612. I realized very quickly I wouldn’t be able to thread a needle with a big enough eye to hold the thread and that would also fit through the holes. So, I cut the thread on an angle and didn’t use a needle!

When I switched threads, I was able to use a smaller needle. The Bohin Tapestry needle Size 28 worked great. So, that’s 4 strands of Bijoux MMT415 in the center. A single strand of Kreinik #4 Braid 002HL was used for the cross stitches. And, 2 strands of Petite Silk Lame Braid SP08 to fill in around the edges. The hanger is a piece of Kreinik #16 Braid 002HL.

The Two Peas in a Pod appear to like the snowflake!