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Overdyed Thread Notebook Class with Gail Stafford, Day 2

Today we stitched tied stitches, eyelets, and leaf stitches. We got 9 stitches in each day. I love the contrast with the solid colors. And, my favorite effect was the Giant Rice (1st column on the bottom left) with the dark solid DMC floss on the bottom and the overdyed thread on top.

I have plenty of thread left and half the canvas to work up a sampler. Maybe a bookmark.

It blows my mind how time flies in class. It should seem like time is frozen because it’s so cold in the hotel. I remembered that it was cold last time when we were here (2014) for ANG’s Seminar. And, I brought a heavier sweater. But, the cold seems to be getting in my bones this time combined with sitting on a chair that isn’t my comfy stitching chair and I am getting stiff and my back isn’t feeling great. Going to wear my long pants tomorrow. Enough about the cold! Got to get organized for my next class.

EGA Seminar 2021 and Overdyed Thread Notebook Class with Gail Stafford

Five days of classes started yesterday with a 2-day class being taught by Gail Stafford on overdyed threads. It’s a notebook class and we are practicing with different weight threads and stitches to see how the overdyed colors move. My take away is that smaller stitches result in a more subtle color shift than the larger stitches. Got to get to Day 2 class!