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A Basket of Flowers for Good Wishes
May 5, 2010, 12:08 pm
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Our ANG chapter selected this David McCaskill design for a project in 2008. David supplied the handout & we supplied our own threads. So, we had the option to use his colors or our own. I went pretty much with his colors but may have used different thread selections. The yellow flowers manipulated Neon Rays. A very interesting technique.

It is a lovely basket & flowers. There is a nice variety of flowers both in color & type. So, you’re eye roams around the piece & is entertained. Yet, there is balance. And, if I didn’t know before doing David’s basket, I sure knew afterwards that I had better keep my day job! However, I am sure I learned from the project & so will continue to attempt my own designs. I just have too many things on my plate to attempt another basket right now – but someday I will.

If you are interested, this is one of series (not all flower baskets) from “The Brides Tree Ornament Series” available at