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Not much charting for “Love in My Heart”!
January 24, 2010, 1:17 pm
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Several folks asked about the stitches I used & if I could share them.  I decided if I could find anything, I’d be happy to share. Do I know my piles?  In just a few minutes, I found what little there is in the way of charts in one of my piles that got put into a box when we got new carpeting. My husband hates my piles but is a tolerant guy – he knows I want to keep this stuff! I didn’t write down much & you can see that I was counting holes not threads!!

Rhodes Heart (modified to fit my piece) & Sprat's Head Heart from "Stitches To Go" By Suzanne Howren & Beth Robertson

Overall pattern, partial stitches sketched in place

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I share ‘Love in My Heart’
January 22, 2010, 7:04 pm
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When I started this project, I only had the frame that I had purchased for $5.  So, I had to make the design fit the frame.  I decided to play with a few stitches that would work themselves into small hearts.  I usually work it out on paper by hand.  I have no computer stitch program – so, I have a big eraser & make several drafts before I get started.

It is stitched on a plastic canvas & DMC Cotton Perle from AC Moore because at the time I wasn’t aware of any specialty thread shops.

It was fun finding different stitches that worked:

And, using different thread combinations for the same stitch:

I don’t recall what stitches they were & I wasn’t writing anything down at that point.  Maybe the 2 above are a heart-shaped Rhodes?  And the one below a heart-shaped waffle stitch? 

Hope you are loving what your stitching!

And, many thanks and all my love goes out to my husband, Bill, for all his support!