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Contemporary Embroidery Class
October 10, 2011, 3:17 pm
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I’ve signed up for another embroidery class on Saturday Oct 29! I read about the class and work by contemporary embroidery artist Erin Endicott on Nimble Needle’s blog at

This workshop by contemporary embroidery artist Erin Endicott ( will explore hand embroidery, hand dyeing, and hand sewing on the fabrics of your choice. We will work intuitively with pattern, line and mark making to create beautiful and powerful works of art. We are to bring our own “fabric something” that holds personal meaning. I have just brought vintage linens home from my mother’s house. So, this class will be great.
Also, this type of class could tie into what ANG is planning for a contemporary sampler competition in 2012 for Seminar in Philly:
“Samplers evoke thoughts of alphabets, rows (bands) of stitched designs and small distinct areas of designs, with traditional meaning. Samplers were originally identified, as a sample of each new stitch learned by the child on a single piece of fabric. However, in today’s world, many definitions of words are being redefined. Techniques are changing, available materials are changing, and as a result our lives, and our artistic endeavors, are changing. There will be a judged competition, for contemporary samplers. Members are encouraged to design, stitch, enter original samplers, and to compete, for cash and other awards. We wish to bring this beautiful art of the past and present into the future.”