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Hilton Gems
September 25, 2010, 3:28 pm
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I had hoped that the Hilton Gems would be an easy start to learning some of these techniques because they are small. And, I didn’t realize why the thread list I prepared differed from the one in CyberPointers Hilton-SIG Files. It’s because not all the threads recommended are still available. So, it’s not as easy a project as I expected.

However, Betsy at Fireside Stitchery helped me substitute. And, I picked up some extras to use as needed. I just love the colors although we rejected a couple that just didn’t seem to go.

So, I’ll list them gem by gem as they appear (from left to right) on my thread wraps (an exercise & tip from Mary Shipp’s Color class). The extras aren’t listed – I’m not sure I’ll use them all anyway yet.

Gem #1: 24 Karats K 11 Purple, Gold Rush 14 J43C Purple with Gold, Panache PN40 Beige, Gold Rush 14 208C Jade Multi, Flair F547 Pale Aqua, Fyre Werks FT19 Agua

Gem #2: Fyre Werks FT19 Agua, Panache PN 37 Teal, Gold Rush 14WG87C Aqua, Splendor S808 Med Purple, Frosty Rays Y028 Turquiose, Gold Rush 14 WG86C Lilac, Panache PN12 Deep Violet

Gem #3: Gold Rush 14 WG84C Deep Blue, Panache PN37 Teal, Frosty Rays Y054 Dark Periwinkle, Neon Rays N99 Deep Violet, 24 Karats K 11 Purple, Panache PN08 Bright Lilac, Gold Rush 14 WG85C Deep Purple

Gem #4: Frosty Rays Y054 Dark Periwinkle, Panache PN12 Deep Violet, Splendor S808 Med Purple, 24 Karats K 11 Purple, Fyre Werks FT19 Agua, Gold Rush 14 WG86C Lilac, Panache PN 37 Teal, Panache PN 11 Muted Lilac

The designs are free on

However, the pictures for Gems are not matching the designs (swap pics for 1 & 2). And, I can’t figure out what goes inside Gem 1 – seems like instructions are missing. I’ll seek help from CyberPointers Hilton-SIG. But, I’m not ready to start stitching yet anyway. I want to place these into one large piece. So, I need to figure out what stitch(es) & threads will be placed between them.

As I think more about these gems, I’ll tackle The Hilton Sampler as that is in line with our chapter’s project this year anyway.