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The Queen is Visiting Woodlawn
February 4, 2015, 7:26 pm
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The Queen’s Silhouette is traveling to Woodlawn for the 52nd Annual Needlework Show. She’ll be there for the month of March.

Before the Queen left, she was able to visit the people who I work with including Roya who gave me the piece. She brought it back from Tapisserie in London.

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t able to visit my ANG stitching friends.

Nancy & Murphy at the Artful Framer in Paoli did a fantastic job with the frame. They were very patient helping us (my husband & )  picking it & the mat out. I really appreciate their efforts. I really recommend deciding on how you will finish a piece before you finish stitching! I switched to an oval but not the same size oval as typical mats come in. But, they figured out a way!

Queen is Framed

The Queen Has Been Crowned
December 26, 2014, 9:25 am
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I finally blocked out time & applied the beads. The background just needed the small cross stitches in the Criss-Cross Hungarian pattern. I used 2 silk threads of Au Ver A Soie in a slightly darker blue (510). I just finished the last of that (there were a lot of them) & we are heading to The Artful Framer in Paoli today – one of the women in my ANG chapter uses them.


Queen is Waiting for her Crown
May 7, 2013, 9:01 pm
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The Queen is coming along nicely. Her head was done in basket weave using 1 strand of Trebizond (light blue, color 602). The background is Crisscross Hungarian using Silk Lame Braid (dark blue, color SL15). I thought I just had to add the beads but I see the background needs the cross stitch. What thread should I use?

You can see that I altered this from a square to an oval which I think is more appropriate for a silhouette.

Queen & background

Queen’s Silhouette
February 17, 2013, 11:35 am
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At the start of the year, I displayed many of my active projects. And, the one the most excites me is the newest canvas of the bunch! It is the Queen’s Silhouette from Tapisserie in London, England that was a gift from a coworker.

The store was kind enough to email me the PDF of the stitched model. They deviated from the painted canvas using beads for the crown. I love the Royal Blue background and powder blue profile. Since I didn’t have the same beads, I am modifying the crown to fit what I got at Fire Mountain Gems:

  • 6mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Square Mini Beads
  • 8mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Round Mini Beads
  • 6mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Round Mini Beads
  • 2mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Round Beads

I worked up a drawing and then stitched a model with the wrong color beads that I ordered, but I will use them for something else eventually. I still have a few changes to what I stitched below.

And, I wanted to use the Queen’s Stitch or Rocco using the method described in  A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas by Sherlee Lantz with diagrams by Maggie Lane. It is unconventional & I spent an evening learning and practicing it just to decide that I didn’t like how it would look in this piece. The angle is not matching the angle of the crown. So, I will use some other background stitch. And, I am going to do the EIIR differently but will have to graph it & practice with beads and threads before I place it on the actual canvas. But, I am stitching the powder blue portion now.

Practice Crown