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Vintage Sewing Cards
July 17, 2012, 10:23 pm
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I have been remiss in posting – mainly because I am stitching like crazy on my piece in order to get it framed in time for Seminar in August. But, I decided to take a break & rest my eyes to share these vintage sewing cards with you.

They are actually how we found them in my mother’s attic. And, they may well be my first “needlepoint”without the needle! The “threads” are mainly colored shoe laces. My sister (& brother?) may have worn out the original threads. ┬áThe cards themselves are in good condition but the “threads” have seen better days. I love how some still had the threads in place. Abstract placement lend to the appeal!

There are a few hits when I google Whitman Publishing Company sewing cards. Do you remember these? And, you can still find sets of new sewing cards on Amazon for children 36 months and up! Wonderful!!