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Vintage Sewing Cards with Scalloped Edges – Set of 10 Figures
July 28, 2012, 8:33 am
Filed under: Scalloped edges, Vintage Sewing Cards

These are adorable & I like how there are 3 types of interchangeable borders within the set. It appears that I might have been older (box says 4-7 years of age) because there are bows tied with the ends of the threads. And, because you had to line up the picture with the holes on the base card.

Kids today are using computers at 4-7 years of age! What are kids 50 years from now going to be doing at that age?

Anyway, the box & set of cards are complete & in fantastic shape but I am missing one “Tipped Yarn”. In fact, most of my toys were in great shape in original boxes, complete, & unbroken!