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Matilda the Moose
May 18, 2010, 5:22 pm
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It’s been a year already since we went to Alaska. It was beautiful. We did 10 days, including 7 with the Alaskan Railroad. Our last day was spent with the family that owns & operates Indian Valley Mine outside Anchorage. They were so kind & went out of their way for us, making us a wonderful salmon lunch on Memorial Day. The youngest even went around trying to collect more moose turds for my husband. He wanted a jar full because a dozen wasn’t enough! While they are quite hard & don’t smell, I was quite happy when the little girl returned with just 3 more placed in a small gift box such that they looked like 2 eyes & a nose with a smile drawn on a piece of cotton.  It was so cute!! 

So, when I returned from Alaska, I needlepointed this piece & mailed it to them as a thank you. Yes, what’s what you think it is depicted in brown on the ground behind the moose!!  I used the outline of a moose pin my husband bought for me. The moose is done in a Byzantine stitch (I think) with Gold Rush 14 Variegated, 202C. I threw in some background mountain straight stitches & was done.


I used a 14 count vinyl canvas with DMC Perle #5. The canvas is available from (under Fabrics). And, I shouldn’t tell you but this but the frame is a dollar store frame! I paid one dollar for it.

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Hey, I love dollar store frames!;) Check out my blog for the frame used on my April 21st posting.

Comment by Teresa S

Very cute variation of a sampler – almost didn’t notice the letters & numbers (cuz I was looking at the frame & am so used to seeing them in rows). Perfect color for the piece – no framer could do better. With threads & time such a large investment, adding a high priced frame can be too much sometimes. Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one being frugile.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

What a terrific gift for your hosts!
And the frame is totally perfect—even if it was only a dollar and from the dollar store.There are some real bargains at the dollar store.And you found the perfect frame for the moose.
I don’t think a custom frame would have done justice to the design.The leaves are so, so perfect.
Best regards.
Sammy Rusk

Comment by Sammy Rusk

Hi Sammy, Thanks. It is amazing that anything can be made for a dollar but nice & a dollar is really amazing! I usually try & pick a frame or a finishing style before I begin just so I know how big of a space I’m working with & that at the end it’ll look good. So, I’m very pleased that you think the frame was perfect for the piece!! Thanks for letting me know that.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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