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Matilda the Moose
May 18, 2010, 5:22 pm
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It’s been a year already since we went to Alaska. It was beautiful. We did 10 days, including 7 with the Alaskan Railroad. Our last day was spent with the family that owns & operates Indian Valley Mine outside Anchorage. They were so kind & went out of their way for us, making us a wonderful salmon lunch on Memorial Day. The youngest even went around trying to collect more moose turds for my husband. He wanted a jar full because a dozen wasn’t enough! While they are quite hard & don’t smell, I was quite happy when the little girl returned with just 3 more placed in a small gift box such that they looked like 2 eyes & a nose with a smile drawn on a piece of cotton.  It was so cute!! 

So, when I returned from Alaska, I needlepointed this piece & mailed it to them as a thank you. Yes, what’s what you think it is depicted in brown on the ground behind the moose!!  I used the outline of a moose pin my husband bought for me. The moose is done in a Byzantine stitch (I think) with Gold Rush 14 Variegated, 202C. I threw in some background mountain straight stitches & was done.


I used a 14 count vinyl canvas with DMC Perle #5. The canvas is available from (under Fabrics). And, I shouldn’t tell you but this but the frame is a dollar store frame! I paid one dollar for it.