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Ort Box Starts for our Main Line Stitchers Meetings
February 26, 2012, 4:07 pm
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We are off and running with the Ort Box. Directions were graciously provided directly from Marilyn Owen. And, Karen Milano at Nimble Needle gave us a very nice discount for INTERLOCKING canvas by the yard (of plain white 14 count, metallic silver and metallic gold 14 count, and plain white 18 count). Thanks to both!! Then, I cut it up & taped the edges for everyone in advance.

However, I didn’t fully read the directions (there is a lot to make such a small box) & didn’t see that the metallic interlocking canvas will be harder to put together. But, a couple of us are electing to give it the old college try, including myself. Some pros & cons of 14 count vs 18 count: the 14 count will be a slightly larger box & require thicker threads such as DMC #5 Perle Cotton as opposed to the smaller 18 count box that calls for DMC #8 Perle Cotton & Floss.

The directions for the blackwork go up to row 3 then you are to repeat directions for rows 1 & 2 alternating. So, diagrams 8A & 9A are key. I used the grayed out stitches as reference for stitches just completed. Because I’ve never done blackwork before, I practiced first. And, I finally saw the pattern. If others struggle to get it, these are my tips:

Row 1 stops at stitch 25 (as pictured in 8A)
Row 3 stops at stitch 19 (as pictured in 10 but also 8A)
Row 5 stops at stitch 13 (as pictured in 8A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 7 stops at stitch 7 (as pictured in 8A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 9 is only stitch 1

The odd rows all stop with the stitch going down and to the right.

Row 2 stops at stitch 22 (as pictured in 9A)
Row 4 stops at stitch 16 (as pictured in 9A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 6 stops at stitch 10 (as pictured in 9A – stopping for shorter row)
Row 8 stops at stitch 4 (as pictured in 9A – stopping for shorter row)

The even rows all stop with the stitch going straight down.

I also put the rest of the rows into a diagram for my chapter members & photographed it row by row.

I used a red, white, & blue over dyed thread for Area 1 & Area 2 (on silver metallic canvas). I don’t have enough of the over dyed to do it for the blackwork. You really do need at least 7 feet for 14 count. So, I am weighing options! One way or another, I’m using my stash.

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