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Or Nué Star Lily with Brenda Kocher

We met some wonderful people, had a great time, learned a new technique, shared interesting information, and made good progress on the piece during the class, Or Nué Star Lily with Brenda Kocher  (

Many thanks to Brenda for teaching us this technique and sharing her knowledge, our extra pattern, the magnet, and the drawing for one of her patterns. Nancy & Lori won the drawings (canvas patterns I donated). And, several folks took some sampler patterns that I had gotten from grab bags at In Stitches Needlework.

I took a couple of photos yesterday. I generally don’t put people on my blog nor mention last names. So, class photos only went to our attendees. I did ask Linda & Lisa if I could blog their pieces because I wanted to compare 2 couching threads to 3 and how this looked on black compared to white.

This is mine done with 2 threads on white. I can’t see well enough on dark canvas even with the best light to enjoy stitching any project. And, I can’t stitch as fast with a laying tool. So, I went with the 2 threads. And, I like that the appearance shows off the couching aspect of the technique.

2 threads on white

Lisa’s 2 threads on black.

2 threads on black

And, Linda’s 3 threads on black:

3 threads on black

Carol T’s suggestion to lasso the thread was wonderful. I had to have Rosanne show me how to do that again. I had the picture Carol provided for how do do that but stuff is so much easier to see when shown in person.

My allergy attack finally ended with the rain last night. What a difference that made. I stitched some more last night!

Evening progress

Lastly I want to share Linda’s stand – look at the magnet (along bottom edge) that holds all those needles – it attaches to the Evertite frames and Karen had a small magnet plate placed between the canvas and her thinner bars. Excellent for all those needles!

Needles everywhere

Back to my piece. I like that it is small enough project – I might be able to get it done on this rather dreary day.

I can see now why this is a wonderful way to use your stash of threads.

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