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Pinwheels Turning

I made quick progress on the pinwheels except when I had to cut out 3 rows on one of the smaller Bargello sections when I discovered that I missed the second dark row. Oh well, cutting out is quick enough. And, those rows aren’t as long as on the other Bargello section.

I found it easier to write down the step pattern for the first row of Bargello as a way to keep track of where I was I stitched. I have not done much Bargello & find the counting fraught with potential mistakes. How do you keep on track?

Getting the lighting right for the picture is very tough. I think this truer to my colors than the first blog posting.


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Melita, this is beautiful. I see the challenge of both vertical and horizontal bargello stitches in each pinwheel. Will you be adding anything to the empty space between the black stitches?

Comment by Brenda's Needlepoint Studio Blog

Yes, but you’ll have to wait to find out what! It goes on last! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re doing well down in the First State.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

I like this a lot! Your color combination is right up my alley!
I often list the stepping pattern for bargello as you mentioned.
It makes it easier to keep track of those undulating patterns.

Comment by Liz

Thanks – maybe I’ve seen your Bargello Techniques so often that I was influenced in that direction!! I am amazed I came up with a trick you use too!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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