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A Berlinwork Cardinal with Flowers

The flowers grew fast & I was able to take a finished cardinal to show my ANG Mainline Stitchers & ANG Keystone Garden Chapter (a 2nd area chapter I joined) this week. Everyone loved Susan Hoekstra’s piece which is from a small pilot class our Mainline chapter did for her 2014 Seminar class.

The flowers are a turkey work variation that I really enjoyed doing. Next time you see this it will be ‘finished’ – what to do with it?!?

Cardinal with Flowers

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Very nice–the cardinal is brilliant like they are in real life over here.

Comment by Carol

Is this Carol in Tennessee? Did you know Cardinal is the state bird for 7 states? I think that is the number.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

The cardinal is also the state bird for Illinois where this will be taught next year. Susan does not let the grass grow under her feet! Sue

Comment by suesci

Melita, Yes it is Carol in Tenn–sorry I usually put my state next to my name–but life is pretty complicated around here for now., Husband was operated on for Esophagael Cancer on Oct 1 in Nashville ( 140 mi one way—my kids and I stayed in motel) and was in ICU for 17 days–now home but I am now Nancy Nurse for awhile till- – – – –

Yes I knew Tenn has the cardinal as state flower and we DO HAVE many of those beautiful birds around–including bluebirds. With the leaves off the trees–their colors really show up. We are originally from Illinois and their bird is also the cardinal.

BTW –I am sorry to ‘ask you again; but do you remember the website name of the company you once advised me to order those acrylic trivets and other items?

Thanks and been trying to do stitching as mental therphy—LOOK—at the Christmas tree—it was our EGA chapter project last year. Going to give it to my daughter—she likes it and she ( my son too ) has been wonderful. She lives in Chicago area so she really has put herself out for us.

take care Carol

Comment by carol whitton

Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery but with a wonderful nurse like you, he ‘s in good hands! And, the website is – – they still have a bunch of products – search acrylic once you are on the website. What Christmas Tree am I looking for? Again, good luck & happy holidays!

Comment by melitastitches4fun

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