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Sprats Head

I’m glad I practiced the Sprats Head because they really look nice without closing them all the way down the 2 sides of the triangle. I didn’t notice it on my ornaments until I’d stitched a couple in my practice ornament.

Initially, I planned on pulling out the orange of the overdyed thread but once I stitched the Amadeus, I wasn’t happy. I confirmed this with my chapter members who suggested going towards yellow.

Last Saturday, I made a trip to a Fireside Stitchery after a wonderful EGA Philadelphia Area Chapter luncheon in King Of Prussia as a guest to Carol T (ANG Apple NeedlePointer’s ). ¬†Barbara Darlin presented her extremely entertaining program revealing Victorian fashion including undergarments ( I would love to see her other programs too! What a delightful woman & so talented (she made many of her costumes). It was so nice of EGA to open it up to guests! Thanks again Carol!

And, I am so happy Betsy at Fireside steered me away from the yellow I initially selected in favor of the more golden yellows and a more subdued overdyed floss. I would have gone from too orange to too yellow. This is still yellow but not as yellow as I might have used. There are a lot of yellows to choose from! I got all the Sprats Heads done!!!!

Sprats Head

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Looks great

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