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Smyrna Crosses

In Tootsiebubbles, there are 636 Smyna Cross stitches which I have done with Toasted Marshmallow (SNC 255) Silk ‘n Colors from The Thread Gatherer. It is a hand dyed, 100% silk, 12-ply floss. I took about a 24″ length and placed 2 plies in each of the 4 quadrants before I started stitching. That way, the flow of the over dyed plies is identical in each section. Had this been a 6-ply thread, that would not have been possible. The idea came to me right after I finished the first quadrant. Now that I am done, I am not sure anyone would actually notice though. Oh well!

In between the crosses are straight stitches with 4 threads of Splendor (S818).

By the way, never count the number of stitches in a piece until after you stitched them. 636 Smyrnas sounded overwhelming but I did them in 2 batches and added the straight stitches to get a break from them. And, they actually worked up quickly.

Smyrna stitches

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would this be considered a form of Bargello???? I like the look of those separate cream color ‘quadrants’ It sets the ‘swirl’ off on it’s own. Interesting.

Comment by Carol

Hi Carol, Yes, the center part – the whirligig – is Bargello. One of the reasons I really liked this piece was the swirl. It is visually very interesting. I liked the variety of stitches in the piece. About a half dozen members of our chapter liked it as well.

Comment by melitastitches4fun

Thanks–it sure makes the usual ‘bargello’ totally different as a pinwheel


Comment by Carol

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